Decisions, decisions: Hot tub or Swim spa?

Hot tub, or swim spa? If you’re shopping for one for your home, the decision isn’t always easy. So, how can you choose? Take a few minutes and ask yourself a few questions:

Is my purchase solely meant for relaxation purposes?

If relaxing is your motivation for buying a hot tub or a swim spa than this answer won’t help make your decision any easier! Hot tubs are a great place to sit and relax while the bubbling waters carry away the weight of a hard day at work. But an Endless Pools® Fitness System can offer you the same form of relaxation. Endless Pools are the best of a hot tub and a swimming pool, combined. Many models still include a lot of the relaxation features you expect in a standard hot tub, too. Waterfall feature, anyone?

Will my purchase fit my active lifestyle?

If you’re already living or want to start living an active lifestyle, you’ll really enjoy all of the benefits that an Endless Pools Fitness System has to offer. The opportunity to swim, run, row and do calisthenics all in the same area can make the choice an easy one! But … hot tubs are becoming a “hot” commodity in the exercising world! Your hot tub has so much potential for helping you become a healthier you.  Hot tub yoga and hot tub aerobics are popular options. 

How can it help me become healthier?

Here is the deal, both hot tubs and swim spas offer benefits that can improve your lifestyle, Both are beneficial to your body when used on a regular basis. When it comes to hydrotherapy being consistent is the key to helping your body improve. Soaking for twenty minutes a day in a hot tub or swim spa can help increase blood circulation, improve your sleep, and much, much more.

Does size really matter?

As you’ve learned, both hot tubs and swim spas have great advantages but size is the biggest difference … and may be the deciding factor for you. Hot tubs come in a variety of sizes, from smaller versions that hold 2-3 people to party-sized models fit for a crowd, but swim spas are, without a doubt, larger. So if your space is limited, be sure to measure carefully before committing. And if you’re in doubt – we can help you figure it out! Just call, click or come by!

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