Do the Number of Jets Matter?

We as a society have taken on the thought that more makes everything better. We want more for our buck! Of course! We work hard for every dollar that sits in our bank accounts! Wanting the most for every item that we invest in isn’t asking for too much – but is more really better when it comes to the number of hot tub jets in your spa?

When it comes to spa jets, instead of quantity let’s think about quality. Let’s pretend that you’re having a massage scheduled. Upon your arrival at the spa, the receptionist informs you that you have two options for the same price. Option 1: You may have five student massage therapists. Option 2: You may have one master therapist. Which will you choose? Most people would hands-down want a professional that knows what they’re doing and where to apply the correct amount of pressure to soothe their problem areas.

Jets in a hot tub are comparable to getting a great massage. Having multiple hands working on your back in all the wrong areas can be just plain awkward and unbeneficial to your body!

Spa jets are the invisible hands in your bubbly oasis that should be applying pressure in all the correct areas. Whether there are 20 or 100 … it will not make an ounce of difference if they are not perfectly placed in all the correct locations.

Quality hot tub manufacturers like Hot Spring Spas know that jet placement overrules the number of jets. That is why they carefully engineer their hot tubs to have just enough jets placed in just the right spots. Catering to everyone is not easy but somehow the people at Hot Spring Spas have done just that. That explains why they are one of the top-selling hot tub companies in the nation.

So, when choosing your next spa or hot tub, choose quality over quantity. You’ll never regret it!

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