Forget the Pool. You need a Swim Spa!

June is here and half of the year has passed! How can that be? As you reflect on the six months that have passed, you remember the day that you promised yourself this is the year you were going to become healthier and more fit. Am I right? If only you had a pool in your backyard to help you check those items off of your list. But in all honesty, how are you going to fit a pool big enough to exercise in your backyard? Forget the idea of a poo. You need a swim spa!

They may look small but don’t let their size fool you. With swim spas ranging from 15 ft to 20 ft, this type of spa does not seem small once you start swimming in it. As you engage in the swim you will feel as if you are swimming in open water. All of this without sparing your entire backyard, unlike a traditional swimming pool.

Besides,  swim spas are so much more than just for swimming! The swim area in the front has an adjustable current that allows you to swim at your level and capability. There are even more extras that you can add on. From rowing or to a water treadmill. This is a low-impact way to get even more cardio into your day. When you turn the swim current on, it automatically ups your running game. Now you have increased resistance that will work your legs, core, and upper body. All of this in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard. No more gym!

Did we forget to mention that at the back of the swim spa you can relax and have a hot tub experience? After a rewarding workout, the swim spa’s jets will massage and caress your leg and back muscles until they forget about being sore.

With a swim spa in your backyard, there will be no reason why you cannot achieve all of your goals and then some! Come into Lake Air Pool Supply today and we will assist you in achieving your goals today.

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