Get a Swim Spa Before Summer

Shorts weather has almost arrived and we all know what that means!  If you are looking for a way to make your body summer ready, a swim spa may be your answer! Here are three reasons on why you should buy a swim spa before summer begins!

No driving to the gym!

It’s time to hit the gym again! Ah, the gym! You can smell the smell of physical fitness as soon as you walk through the doors! Oh, wait, no… that’s just sweat! Let’s be honest, the gym is not always for everyone! What if you could get ready for your daisy dukes without leaving home? No jumping into your car and driving to the nearest gym. You can do all of this in the privacy of your own backyard in your own swim spa. No body shaming allowed there!

Swimming is better for you!

Swim spas are the perfect way to get a low-impact workout at a leisure or intense level. Swimming is better on your joints, legs, and back, more so than running or walking. The end results are long and lean muscles. Swimming is a great exercise to work every muscle at once, including your cardiovascular system! It is also a great way to burn calories! At a speed of 1:15 per 100 yards, you could burn between  660-1200 calories an hour! Strong lean muscles and maximum calorie burning…sold!

It is great for the entire family!

Not only is it a great alternative to running, walking or going to the gym but it is also a great place to hang out as a family! Let’s admit that the first place every family wants to go when on vacation is somewhere where you can swim and enjoy the water! Why not bring that experience into your own backyard and enjoy the quality family time! Think about it! Your kids won’t be bringing their valued gadgets into the swim spa either! Which opens up time to talk to them and enjoy one another, gadget-free!

Come to Lake Air Pool Supply and allow us to help you pick out the swim spa that will fit your lifestyle!


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