How to Enjoy Your Hot Tub All Year Long

The cooler months are the prime time to enjoy the warmth that your hot tub offers. The summer months are designated for the pool. Right?

Actually, no. If you live under the assumption that your hot tub is only of use during the cooler months, you’re missing out! Your hot tub is the ideal place to hang out all year long. 

Cold Weather

During cold weather, anything that will warm your bones usually sounds pretty good. Climbing into a hot tub won’t just warm you up – you’ll get all those additional health benefits including reduced stress, fewer aches and pains, and better sleep.

Remember, though, that winter can be hard on your hot tub. Be sure to continue to keep your regular hot tub maintenance schedule and check your spa regularly for any signs of cracks or leakage. You’ll also always keep your hot tub running during the cooler months.

Warm Weather

Enjoy watching the seasons change from your hot tub. Warm days and chilly nights are perfectly spent with your sweetie in the warm, soothing water. During this time, be sure to set aside a few days to give your hot tub a good refresh, too. Drain the water, scrub your tub and cover, and check for wear and tear before you refill.

Hot Weather

High outdoor temperatures mean its time to lower the temperature in your hot tub. Sure, you’ll want to hit the pool during the summer. But don’t forget about your hot tub, too! Lower the temp a little, and you’ll still get the great health benefits at a temp that’s more comfortable for the summer season. Or, you can lower the temp a lot – say all the way down to 85 or 90 degrees – and now you have a small heated pool in your backyard!

Your backyard hot tub is perfect for stress relief and family fun all year long. If you don’t have your perfect hot tub yet, let us help you find the spa that will fit your home and your life. Come see us!

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