Is the E700 swim spa right for you?

Swim spas are becoming one of the most sought after choices by pool and spa buyers. The flexibility they offer just can’t be beat. A quality swim spa like the Endless Pools E700 is the right decision for someone who is wanting the best.

It’s the ideal solution for nearly everyone, giving you the freedom of an Olympic-sized pool but only taking up seventeen feet of space in your backyard. On cooler nights, it becomes the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a warm, soothing hydromassage. What more could you ask for? (To be honest, not much more. In our opinion, anyway.) The designers of the E700 thought of everything.

The E700 is deep and wide enough to create the feeling of swimming in an endless stream of water. Even the tallest swimmers have plenty of room to swim to their hearts’ content without leaving their backyards.

Enjoy more than just swimming? Not to worry! The E700’s options include an underwater treadmill to take your running and walking to a new level. Just turn on the undercurrent and workout your muscles in a way that’s impossible on dry land – resistance, without the impact on your joints. Add the row package to your E700 swim spa and work yet a whole other group of muscles.

Want a place to sit and unwind after a hard day of work? The E700 has you covered in that area, too. Just sit back and relax in the spa area of your swim spa. Let the sound of the two waterfalls lull away all of the day’s pressures. Let each jet soothe the day’s aches and pains. The E700 comes with three hydromassage chairs that each serve a different purpose. Choose one or rotate through them all! 

Now that you’ve discovered the E700, you’ll discover it’s the swim spa to beat! Don’t believe us? Stop by Lake Air Pool Supply and find out for yourself!

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