Is your backyard Fourth of July ready?

Your front porch may be sporting a large American flag that waves with each light breeze that passes through. Red, white and blue may be the prominent colors that your front door wreath is sporting but what about your backyard? Is the back of your house as patriotic as the front? Independence Day is an exciting day of fireworks, tasty food, games, and relaxation. All of which pulls us out of our homes and gives us an excuse to enjoy our backyard!

It’s time to spruce up the backyard and make it fourth of July ready! Sometimes, it doesn’t take a lot to change the look of your outdoor area and make it more welcoming. Simple, subtle changes can make a world of difference in a small amount of time. But where do you start?


Sometimes just bringing in new items, such as a new picnic bench or investing in a brand-new set of furniture, can help your backyard or patio come to life! By doing so you not only brighten up an area but also provide a place for your guests to sit and enjoy all of the festivities that you have been planning!


Landscaping the forgotten areas can make things look more vibrant and intentional. Adding color by landscaping with bark or plants around your hot tub, patio or deck can freshen up and make your backyard more inviting. Planting perennials will ensure that your lawn will be vibrant year after year! When you are deciding on which plant will work best in your backyard, take these things into consideration:

  • Is the location sunny or shaded?
  • How tall will the plants grow and in what season will they bloom? Choosing a variety of plants that bloom in different seasons and are different heights will keep your yard looking colorful all year long.


Lighting can help elongate the days by allowing you to use your outdoor space from morning to night. Streaming outdoor lights on the patio and over the swim spa can not only add to your fresh look but also create some great mood lighting! Look on Pinterest to find ways to convert a simple mason jar into a tiki lamp. This will not only add to your lighting but will also help keep those pesky bugs away!

Whatever you decide to do, make it fun, colorful and welcoming, and you won’t go wrong!


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