The Time to Clean Your Hot Tub Has Arrived

As you stare into your hot tub, you half expect the loch ness monster to pop his head out and reaffirm to you that it’s time to clean your tub! It’s a day you dread but it’s here and there is no way around it! Cleaning your hot tub doesn’t have to be a hassle at all! Here are a few tips to help you clean it!

Draining your hot tub is the first step and most direct way of cleaning it! Sure, you can use chemicals to improve the state of your tub but in the end, it is less expensive and more efficient to drain it! It costs around $15 to refill the average hot tub!

After you have drained it, climb in and wipe it down with a soft cloth. Do not use any harsh chemicals or soaps to clean it, by doing so you will help prevent cloudy water later! All you need is a spray bottle of vinegar! Vinegar is a great alternative to chemicals and is very effective with calcium build-up and even killing mold!

Now that your tub is scrubbed well, you can use a towel to dry it out and get it ready for refilling! Using a garden hose, begin to refill it…but wait, if you add a hose filter onto the end of your garden hose, you will prevent minerals that may have built up in your garden hose, from entering your hot tub!

Your tub is looking sparkling clean once again but don’t forget about your hot tub cover! It needs a good scrubbing as well! You may want to take it off and give it a good scrub with vinegar or a mild soap. Make sure to rinse and dry it well before returning it to your hot tub!

Your spa is clean and ready for you to jump in and enjoy it once again!

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