Busted! Four Hot Tub Myths (& the TRUTH)

If you’re a first-time hot tub buyer, it can be hard to separate the facts from fiction. That’s why we’ve put together this post – to help you debunk the myths, so you can make an informed decision when you buy your new hot tub!

Myth: Salt Water Hot Tubs Are Chemical-Free

Fact: Salt water hot tubs are better for your hair, skin, and the environment. But they aren’t chemical-free. The science behind salt water systems helps create a natural type of chlorine to sanitize your hot tub. 

Myth: Hot tubs are just for relaxing.

Fact: While hot tubs are very therapeutic and beneficial to your health, they are also great for exercise! Yoga, crunches, leg lifts and a variety of other exercises can be performed in your hot tub.

Myth: Hot tubs are one size fits all.

Fact: Would you buy a car or house based only on how it looks? For most people, the answer would be absolutely not! Take the time for a test soak when you’re hot tub shopping, to make sure the model you’re considering is the right model for you. 

Myth: Save money up front by buying an inexpensive hot tub.

Fact: An inexpensive hot tub is going to cost you more money in the long run after you figure in the additional monthly costs of higher electrical bills and likely repairs. Investing in a higher-grade model is a better option for your pocketbook. A high-quality hot tub is made of higher quality materials which means it will run smoother and more efficiently on a daily basis.

Here at we LAPS pride ourselves in the ability to help our customers make informed decisions. Stop in today and have all of your hot tub questions answered by a professional.

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