Cross Training in an Endless Pools® Swim Spa

Endless Pools Swim Spas are the choice swim spa for athletes everywhere. One reason? They’re so versatile! Swimming, running, rowing and more – Endless Pools Swim Spas are perfect for cross training to help you get in the best shape of your life. 

Lower Body Exercises

High knees

High knee exercises are a great way to work out your legs. Simply walk in place in an exaggerated way that makes you look as if you are in a marching band, and the added resistance from the water does the rest. 


To begin this exercise, stand with your back facing the wall of your swim spa. Place both arms on the edge of your spa to help give your body stability and support. Draw your legs up in front of your body and begin to “pedal” in a circular motion as if you were on a bike.


This exercise will require using the steps of your swim spa. Start by stepping up with your right leg and follow with your left leg. Continue to do several reps and then switch it up a little by starting with your left leg.

Core Exercises


With your back to the wall of your swim spa, place both arms on the edge of your spa to help balance your body weight. Now, extend your legs straight out in front of your body and slowly guide them close to your chest. Continue to do this action repeatedly. You will soon begin to feel the exercise working your abs.

Core Twist

Have you ever seen the action an old-time washing machine makes as it washes your clothes? This exercise emulates the same action. Start by standing in the middle of your swim spa. Extend your arms to each side of your body for stability. Begin agitating the water by twisting your waist right to left while jumping up and down. Don’t forget to engage those core muscles!

Water Plank

Begin by grabbing a pool noodle, kick-board or even a pair of water dumbbells. Hold the item of choice straight in front of you and try to press it directly down into the water. Try holding your body steady and your head out of the water for thirty seconds!

Upper Body


Start this exercise by grabbing two water dumbbells and submerging your body up to your chest. Now, with slightly bent arms push the dumbbells directly in front of you and then back towards your chest. This action will give you the feeling as if you were rowing a boat.

Bicep Curls

This exercise is exactly like to bicep curl that you would do on dry land. With a set of water dumbells, extend your arms directly in front of you and with your palms facing upward, and slowly curl your arms toward your biceps. Continue to do several reps.

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