Hot tub time – it’s not a guessing game.

First-time hot tub owners have a lot of questions … and rightly so! One of the most common is “How much time should I spend in my hot tub?” This is actually a great question for everyone, not just beginners!

You know that as soon as you step into your hot tub, the stress begins to fade away and relaxation takes it’s place. And as the old saying goes:”Time flies when you’re having fun!” Hot tubs embrace us like a big, warm hug. But much like that comforting embrace, your body starts to rebel against it when you’ve been there too long.

Some guidelines to follow:

Water Temperature

How long can you take the heat? This is a legit question! The temperature at which you keep your water can indicate how long your body is able to endure your hot tub. Most bathers find 100°-102°F to be the ideal temperature for their hot tubbing experience. While others like it a little hotter, the maximum temperature is 104°F – the highest temperature a modern hot tub will reach. The most important thing is to pay attention to your body. Some people enjoy a much lower temperature at 99°F or lower. Younger hot tub users should always have a lower temperature. 

Soaking Time

Finally, your hot tub is set at the perfect temperature and you are ready to enjoy some relaxation time – but wait! Before you jump in and get all wet, grab a device that keeps time. This is a great way to help keep track of how long you have been soaking.

You should stay in your hot tub about 15-30 minutes, and definitely not longer than 45. Everyone handles hot tub heat differently, so let your body be your guide. No matter how long you’re in your hot tub, be sure to pay attention to your body, and drink plenty of water. 

Consult a Pro First

Always consult with your doctor if you have any health issues before entering a hot tub – and remember, children under 5 should not be allowed to use the hot tub. For older children, consult their pediatrician before allowing them in.

Be safe and always take precautions when using your hot tub!

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