How Deep Should My Hot Tub Be?

Purchasing a new hot tub is exciting! Picking out the hot tub that fits your family, area and lifestyle are all very important. When presented with the many different styles and models of hot tubs there is one number that should be at the very top of your list. Most might assume that number to be how many people can fit in it or how much the hot tub may cost. Although these are also very important numbers, they’re not the ones we’re thinking of. We’re thinking of hot tub depth. Why is this so important? We’re glad you asked…


The depth for most hot tubs ranges between 31-42”, while the depths for custom hot tubs can easily exceed 42”. Before you buy your next hot tub, we greatly encourage you to take the models on your short-list for a test soak. Why is this important? The depth of your hot tub can affect how comfortable you feel while relaxing in your hot tub. Where the water line hits each individual can leave you feeling as if you are literally trying to keep your head above water. People with a shorter stature might find it more comfortable to relax in a hot tub with a shallower depth. Ideally, you want to the depth of the water to cover the tops of your shoulders when in the sitting position. Much deeper, and you won’t be comfy. 

Stairs or No Stairs

Now that you have determined what depth best fits your needs, you can decide on what location best fits your hot tub. While you’re thinking about that, don’t forget that you may need stairs to help you get into your hot tub. If your hot tub is deeper than 36”, it is important to have stairs to help bathers get in and out with ease! Having stairs will also help protect the structure of your hot tub’s walls and help prevent hot tub users from falling.

Make sure that your next hot tub fits everyone in your family! Take the time to schedule a test soak in the hot tub of your dreams! Contact us here to schedule yours!

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