Miss connecting with your kids? We may have the answer!

How much time does the average family spend together every day?

Survey says: under an hour!

That’s just sixty minutes – or 360 seconds – that are spent with the ones you love the most. Between work, commuting, and cooking, cleaning and all those extra activities our lives are passing us by and our children are becoming adults. It’s no wonder so many parents so often wish they could slow time down, just for a little while. 

It turns out, you may be able to. And the key is right in your own backyard.

Old School Family Time – No Electronics Allowed

Your hot tub could easily become the cool new hang out spot of your home! It’s a great place to relax and actually talk to one another. Make your hot tub a “no go zone” for electronics (after all, who wants to risk that expensive electronic gadget taking a plunge), and you’ve opened up a window of opportunity for you kids to share about their day, and their lives. 

Make the hot tub not only a no electronics zone but also a no judging zone. Many parents find it difficult to talk to their kids as they grow older. The same goes for kids trying to talk to their parents. Ask your kids open-ended questions about things they care about – their sport, their video games, their friends. They may not share much at first, but over time they’ll likely open up. And no matter what, they’ll get the message that you care. Once that door of communication is open, they will feel more comfortable about sharing things with you on all types of subjects.

Make it a Tradition

Taking 15 – 20 minutes out of your day once or twice a week could be the one family tradition that your kids tell their kids about! Make one of the nights in your week a designated hot tub night. Consider investing in a few water-safe, low-tech games to help break the ice. 

Take a time out in the hot tub with your kids tonight! You won’t regret it! And if you don’t have a hot tub – come see us today!

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