Pick the prime spot for your new hot tub

Picking an ideal hot tub location can be a hard decision. Like most things in life, a well thought-through plan can make that decision much easier to make! Here are some things to consider while planning your ideal hot tub location.

The View

No, we’re not referring to the popular talk show. Grab your favorite lawn chair and plop in the spot you’re planning on placing your hot tub. Sit there for a little while and think about looking at this view from your hot tub. Now, turn around and place your chair in the other direction. Is it as visually appealing as the first position? Keep in mind, once you have your hot tub placed … it will be very difficult to move.


Now, that you’ve found the perfect view from which you will enjoy in your new hot tub, make sure you have plenty of privacy. It may be very difficult to relax in your hot tub while your neighbors are watching you from their back deck. If your ideal spot doesn’t have the amount of privacy you would like, that can be easily fixed by placing tall, full plants or even a small fence around your hot tub area to help create the optimal amount of privacy.

To shade or not to shade?

This question is best answered by considering when your prime hours of hot tub use may be. Are you planning on making use of your hot tub during the day or will it primarily be used in the evening? Does it matter? Well … yes and no. Having trees to shade your hot tub during the day hours can be nice because it can keep both you and your hot tub out of the sun’s hot rays. Although, if you are planning on using your hot tub during the evening hours, you may not be able to relax under the stars.

To help make these decisions, it can help to get a second opinion. Ask a friend, spouse or even your local hot tub dealer! Come in to Lake Air Pool Supply and allow our professionals to help answer all of your questions about owning a hot tub.

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