Soaking in your hot tub? Stay hydrated!

Stepping into the sparkling waters of your hot tub and feeling your stress melt away may be the best thing about your day. Your hot tub is your oasis. It’s the place you go to forget about, well, pretty much everything. But don’t let it be the place you forget about staying hydrated! 

Would you think about exercising without hydrating before and during your routine? Of course not! That would be a huge mistake. Let’s say you do it once. Quickly, the dizziness, lightheadedness, and muscle cramping make you realize what a mistake it was.

So tell me more about dehydration …

Water is essential to having a healthy body. Hot tubs and exercise are very similar in the effects they have on your body – both make you sweat. Replacing all of the water you have expel through sweating is essential. (And no, simply sitting in water isn’t enough!)

Drinking water before and after you enter a hot tub is always an excellent idea. And if you sip on some while you are in the hot tub, this will help replenish what your body is using and help you stave off dehydration. Developing the habit of drinking at least eight glasses of water a day will help you sty properly hydrated at all times, too. 

Another tip for you is that while you are in the hot tub, you may want skip the alcohol. We’ve already discussed the fact that you end up sweating a lot while in the hot tub, but did you know that sweating and alcohol really don’t mix well? Both can severely dehydrate you which may increase the effects of the liquor that you are putting into your body. You may know how many your beers your body can handle outside of the hot tub, but that equation changes when you’re using a spa. So, before grabbing a beer while you relax in your hot tub, consider grabbing a bottle of water instead. You can thank us later.

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