Swim Spas: The All-Inclusive Hot Tub Choice

Swim spas are known to be the multipurpose choice of hot tubs for a reason! Their versatility and ability to accommodate all of your swimming needs while using a very small area is, well, impressive. It’s the all-inclusive resort that you dream of vacationing at, but in your very own backyard.


Having a place that is convenient and easily accessible is always an encouragement when its time to exercise. No more packing up your gear, and driving back and forth to the gym. The beauty of quality swim spas such as Endless Pools® Fitness Systems is that the options for exercising are limitless. Yes, you can swim. But include options like an underwater treadmill, rowing, and strength training, and you have something for every type of athlete!

Health Benefits

The health benefits you can gain from the regular use of a swim sap are one of its biggest perks. Unlike exercising on dry ground, exercising in the warm and soothing waters of a swim spa is easier on your joints, giving you a more effective workout while saving some wear and tear. Imagine a world with less inflammation and less soreness  from exercise. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?


Are you a renter, part of a military family or just unsure where life may take you next?  A swim spa is a great option for you! Unlike a traditional swimming pool, a swim spa can be drained and transported to your new home, wherever that may be. 

Tempted? You might be surprised by the variety of swim spas that are available today. From compact units to larger units with separated hydrotherapy sections, there’s a model that’s perfect for you and your family. Come in to LAPS today and allow us to help you choose the best swim spa for you. We can’t wait to meet you!

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